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News 2018 Bahir
Bahir Benasay




Junior Champion DWZRV (GER)

DS Hildesheim 28.07.2018
Judge: Bruno Nodali/I

Emilia-Eclipse of Suriya won Ex 1, JCAC, JVDH & Landesjugendsieger 2018

Emilia Hildesheim 2018 V 1 & LJS_bearbeitet-1



DWZRV Verbandssiegerausstellung am 14.07.2018 in Köln

AkuaBa Anga won Ex 1, JCAC, JVDH & JBOB & Verbandsjugendsieger 2018

AkuaBa Anga - DWZRV Verbandsjugendsieger 2018

& our little sweeties - just 4 1/2 month old doing also very well

Kathie & Rudi got vvsp 1, Oskar got vvsp 2, Rudi got also BabyBOB

Kathie (left) Rudi (right)

and in Couple class Kathie & Oskar got 2. Place

the liitle ones doing a great job.... I´m very proud about the Babies

Couple class Kathie & Oskar



DS Hamburg CAC - Landessieger 08.07.2018
Judge: Olaf Knauber

Egyptian Mirage of Suriya won Ex 1, JCAC, JVDH, Landesjugendsieger 2018 & JBOB
Emilia-Eclipse of Suriya won Ex 1, JCAC, JVDH & Landesjugendsieger 2018

Hamburg 2018

and our young Whippet`s

AkuaBa Anga won Ex 4 in Juniorclass


All you need of Suriya won vvsp 1 in Babyclass




2 x Austrian Champion


DS in Krenglbach/A 16.06.2018
Our Darrion-Djabrail of Suriya won Ex 1, CACA & BOS
and finished his Austrian Champion

our “Lisza” Vivat Sanraiz Magie Noire
an finished also her Austrian Champion

and our “Snuufie” got her 3. CACA

BOS Darrion



Show weekend in Varazdin
our Egyptian Mirage of Suriya
won 3 times Ex 1, JCAC & JBOB and 1 time JBIS-2

Egyptian Mirage JBIS-2

and our Emilia won 2 times JCAC and both won First Place in Couple class

1. Place Couple class Emilia § Egyption



Our "Snuufie" Life-Is-Good Du Tadjoura - just 3 years old - was able to fulfill the conditions for the Grand Champion title in Croatia and the International Beauty Champion ( with 9 CACIB / 3 Countries):

IDS Varazdin  26.05.2018 - Ex 1, CAC, Res. CACIB (Mr. Willy Güllix / GER)
Specialty for Sighthounds 26.05.2018 - Ex 1, CAC (Mrs. Felicity Thomson / GB)
IDS Varazdin 27.05.2018 - Ex 1, CAC, CACIB & BOS (Mr. Hans-Joachim Dux / GER)

Life-Is-Good Du Tadjoura

Pictures from the Shows by Zoltan Haller


IDS Varazdin/HR 26.05.2018

AkuaBa Anga won from Juniorclass Ex 1, JCAC JuniorClubwinner and BOS!!!

AkuaBa Anga


Dog Show Tüttleben 19.05.2018

Akua Ba Anga won Ex 1. JVDH, JCAC & JBIS-2

IMG_4648 Kopie_bearbeitet-1


IMG_0926 Kopie_bearbeitet-1


IMG_0440 Kopie1 Kopie

under Judge Olaf Knauber

Emilia-Eclipse of Suriya won Ex 1; JVDH &JCAC

Emilia-Eclipse of Suriya

IMG_0128 Kopie_bearbeitet-1

under Judge: Klaus Strack


IDS Wieselburg/A 12.05.2018
Judge: OBSR Heinz Anschober/A

“Egbert” Egyptian Mirage of Suriya - 10 month old - won Ex 1 & Jugendbester

Egyptian Mirage of Suriya


AKUA BA ANGA - 12 month old - won Ex 2

Akua Ba Anga


“Snuufie” Life - Is - Good Du Tadjoura won Ex 1 & CACA

Ch. Life - Is - Good Du Tadjoura




Our Whippet puppies are here DOB 13.02.2018

IMG_7535 Kopie_bearbeitet-1


IMG_7464 Kopie_bearbeitet-2

A long awaited and very exciting litter! I am so happy to introduce finally the first litter of Whippet puppies in our kennel.
D.O.B. 13.02.2018

For some of the puppies we are still looking for nice people who are willing to share their life with a whippet.

Serious inquiries are welcome

Dam: “Sissi” Life-In-Paris Du Tadjoura

"Sissi"  Life-In-Paris Du Tadjoura

Sir: “Rudi” World Winner 2017:  Tylko Ten Paranoia is also SE, PL, Ger. VDH, Ger. Club WCD, DK, SK, CZ, HU & Int. MCh, PlJCh, Nord JW 2012, VDH ES 2014, CESW 2014, ESH 2017 & CentralEurW, Cz ClubW, 3xPLClubW, SK ClubW, PL ClubJW, SBIS, BOGs

I would like to thank very much to Tomasz and Dorota for making this mating possible

"Rudi" WW 2017 Tylko Ten Paranoia

Pedigree from this Litter




CAC Show Kirchheim/Ger 06.01.2018

“Snuufie” Life-Is-Good Du Tadjoura won Ex 1 & VDH and finished her German Champion VDH

we are very proud of this sweet little girl

"Snuufie" Life-Is-Good Du Tadjoura